Turn a tablecloth into a

Turn a tablecloth into a Rug

Yes, you study that right. This past week-end J and I didn’t have a huge amount of time for jobs, but we were able to squeeze one particular one in. We have been planning to include a pop of shade into the workplace for some time today, but just couldn’t decide. Well, we decided, so we went with navy. After we decided on the color we got this gorgeous table cloth from Anthropologie. We wished it to be a rug, but no such fortune. We liked the cloth plenty that individuals decided to only transform it directly into a rug!

I would believe most times when anyone repeat this project they probably make use of a table-cloth they discovered for a great offer, and that is surely the smart means {like Laura who was our inspiration for this did-here over at Design Share – check out some of her incredible projects!}. We but fell in love with this Anthro one, and were already planning on investing way more for a proper carpet, so we only went with it!

The task ended up being so quick buddies! Here you will find the supplies required:

Here you will find the measures:

  • Bring your tablecloth and iron away as numerous lines and wrinkles as possible. Our tablecloth had been 100percent cotton fiber, so it had beenn’t precisely simple.

how pretty is it tag in the rug?!

  • Bring your entire supplies in to the garage or outdoors location. You will want as much ventilation that you can, just because utilizing a No-odor Poly.
  • Put a tarp of some kind on the floor very first, then set your table cloth down.
  • Start rolling regarding poly. After the very first layer had been on we waited a few minutes and lifted within the tablecloth, to make certain that it absolutely wasn’t sticking to the tarp. We performed this once again before painting on 2nd layer. Perform the lifting procedure, after which paint your 3rd level. The can said to wait for the poly to dry at 2 hours. Well, we have been impatient. We painted 1st and 2nd layer within thirty minutes. Then let those two dried out for about an hour or so, then painted the third layer. We don’t believe it would have made a lot of a difference when we had waited, apart from using up your whole time.
  • When the poly was completely dry we took it in and sized and cut the rug pad to suit underneath
  • After that, we used a squirt glue to firmly attach the pad toward table cloth. To start with we didn’t determine if this is necessary-but then recognized without one being done the fabric will move plenty regarding the pad=not great.
  • Which’s it friends! It proved so enjoyable we think! It's not the softest surface, but were wishing that overtime it'll soften. It offers more of a feel of a floor fabric versus a thick cozy carpet. We made certain to put it in an area within home that does not get a lot of foot traffic, so means it won’t matter much if it remains slightly firm.

Ready for an artistic? J believes it feel swim trunks, yep swimming trunks. But hey, swim trunks soften the greater amount of you put on and wash them, appropriate?! It was amazing to make a rad carpet just for $100! And like we said earlier in the day, this may be done SO much cheaper if you are using an inexpensive table cloth, but we love this print when it comes to company!

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