Rugs From Turkey And A

Rugs from Turkey

Rug and carpet is a business that can be referred to as primary facets regarding the tourism attraction in our nation. The Afghanistan carpet and carpet center take to all their best for the building capacity of neighborhood carpeting weavers and consumption and encouragement of international clients to give a character to the business. From other part the Afghanistan carpet and carpeting center could possibly be the essential location for keeping the cultural and historical carpeting industry of your country. The Afghanistan carpet and carpeting center with 25 years of knowledge as a perfect center for the carpet industry development has been founded successfully in Kabul and differing provinces of nation. This center features different branches in Jowzjan, Nangarhar, Herat, Bamian and Kabul provinces, and this center is happy to present the carpeting industry of your nation in an academic and modern style of buying to nationwide and intercontinental markets. Afghanistan carpet and carpeting center features 1500 various design regarding the carpets and rugs from all over of Afghanistan provinces with samples of carpeting and rug, 1400 examples of artificial colors and 400 examples of wood and vegetable dye colors.

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