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The short variation: it is possible to most likely clean your carpet in a washer – 30 levels (a quick wash) with no tumbling. Hang-up the carpet to dry with all the stripes going vertically (never as I have done from the image above J

NB: But some rugs have to be hand cleaned or dry-cleaned. Consult with your dry-cleaner or a carpet expert concerning this if you are in doubt about what to complete.

Beat them!

You need to frequently hang out your rugs on a clothsline and give all of them a proper beating. This may really freshen up your rugs. And let them hang for quite a while – airing is excellent for the carpet.

In the event you spill something in your rag carpet, the best thing to-do is to scrub away the stain itself (on a clean cloth and ordinary detergent for dish washing usually works good), and then hang the rug out to dried out. If your rugs appear ”dusty” it would do to just take it outside and shake it well.


The old approach to washing trasmattor should scrub them with”grönsåpa” (green fluid soap), and after scrubbing you'll wash from detergent in a nearby lake. In accordance with old people i Sweden this provides the rugs both the right experience and smell.

Many individuals nonetheless scrub their trasmattor with grönsåpa, but rinsing them in a pond is clearly maybe not a choice any more, as many peple don’t liveclose to a pond and pond liquid does not have equivalent high quality whilst did a century ago.

So today you could either rinse out the detergent with water in a tub or outside in your yard with a water hose. So when numerous classic and used rugs being cleaned sometimes as they are already woven with materials that are “washed out” and worn, additionally it is possible to wash many ( not all) rugs in a washing machine – on a cold water programme, though it make the texture associated with the rug slightly more difficult.

Most older rugs can be machine washed on 30 degrees (the short 30 wash), but make an effort to evaluate whether your rug contains much color before trying, or decide to try a cold wash the irst time.

Never ever tumble your carpet because is harmful to both your washer as well as your carpet.

If your rug is woven from fabrics containing much colour, or it's not been cleaned before, you should be very careful whenever cleaning the first time, as washing in a device could make a few of the colors bleed in to the rest of the trasmatta thereby destroying the original shade plan. If you believe your carpet might include colors which could bleed, i will suggest that you dry-clean it (kemtvätt) or consult a dry cleaners or any other ”cleaning expert” initially.

New woven rugs from Siv Andersson and Maj-Britt Oscarsson is device washed on cold or 30 degrees.

Lay your rugs in snow and frost!

Inside country in Sweden many people nevertheless set or spend time their rugs outside every day and night if there is snowfall and/or a fantastic heat of minus 5-10 Celsius. They do this for all explanations:

Firstly this technique is thought to make the rugs more “fräsch”. If the rugs

are lain out in snow and frost, it is said to produce their particular colors brighter once more additionally the rugs seem to become cleaner, fresher plus fragrant. It is also essential, however, to beat (in Sweden we say to “whip” all of them) all of them as they are external (We usually just shake them thoroughly).

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