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No Sew Rag Rugs

Sounds not difficult, appropriate?

A braided rag carpet?

Really, really it IS…once you figure out it’s this that you need to make! It took myself about 3 hours tonight to eventually figure out that THIS is really what I became looking for!

I was straight away taken with all the idea because every one of my bathroom rugs are in various phases of disrepair right now and desperately need to be changed.

However, I really don’t wish venture out and buy new ones because…….

#1 —- I’m really NOT a fan of these artificial shag-like bath rugs which are literally 90percent of something provided available at restroom design stores. You-know-what I’m talking about…..

….they look like this:

(just not my cup of “bath mat tea”.)

#2 —- Our boy just got married (which necessitated a rather expensive visit to CA), and xmas is merely nearby, thus I are wanting to conserve financial resources. (ie. I don’t need spend much $$!!!)

and # 3 —- I’m type of on a reduce, reuse, recycle kick today. That’s the reason why this initial task for Eco-Friendly Bath Mat (and I also would add “wallet-friendly”) appealed in my opinion such, because We have a great amount of old towels easily obtainable as material!

But despite my “issues” (which are many…but that is another post, for the next particular blog…lol), I have maybe not had the opportunity to find the Gridded Matting you may need ANYWHERE!

So this evening we beginning poking over the internet to find a variation with this that i possibly could make work, and after FAR research….finally
strike the jack cooking pot!

*ding ding ding ding ding*

I’m reminded of this range through the 1997 motion picture “Fools Rush In”, with Matthew Perry, when he says to Salma Hayek, “You tend to be every thing We never ever knew I always wanted!” haha! That has been it! We fell so in love with a rug! ;-)

Therefore, enough babbling on exactly how i got eventually to this destination (finally!) and let’s observe this puppy is come up with!

Happily, this tutorial at The Moda Bake store (however nearly certain just what it's to do with BAKED GOODS…but whatever) is very good & most likely the most effective you’re probably discover. Trust in me with this, I have appeared!! There are numerous Do-it-yourself posts about rag rugs out there…but a lot of them only left myself puzzled. The beautiful photos assist immensely, and also the instructions would be the many concise i came across.

We recognize putting “No Sew” into the name with this post might-be a TEENY bit misleading…because you will do have to utilize a needle and thread at the conclusion as you coil the braid…but there’s no need to haul out the sewing machine…so technically…in my guide of rationale….it’s No Sew. :-)

I recently love the appearance of this carpet! Can’t hold off to begin with!

We took 4 of my husband’s old t-shirts which were inside “rag bag” headed to GoodWill and slashed all of them up into strips. (Time consuming…but variety of enjoyable!) We have started my rug…it is about 8 inches in diameter at this time (whenever coiled up). I’m not following any type of “pattern”, but performing one clothing at any given time. Therefore it will certainly be interesting to observe how as it happens. :-) Will upload photographs soon!

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