Simple DIY Rag Rug Tutorial

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Making a braided rag rug frequently include stitching. The no-sew woven version is something of a unicorn!
The weaving below employs equivalent concept that we all utilized in making those funny cotton fiber loop potholders–under, over, under, more than. In the event that you keep in mind that, you’ve got a head start!

No-Sew Home Made Rag Rug

Preparing Your Fabric

Gather two colors of material scraps. I used tees with this rug, however, We don’t suggest it; the carpet performedn’t wish to set flat. The braiding stretched the material plus it really wished to spring back.

Grab your chosen fabric shears, slashed pieces 1-3 inches wide, and remove any seams. You will need to get them about several feet long. The shorter the strip, the greater often you have to join brand new pieces. If you wish to have even less joining, you can use the cutting strategy inside our make textile yarn post. (.)

Hold two pieces collectively and LOOSELY knot them right back on by themselves. You’ll be trying to shove textile through this later, so if it is also tight, you’ll get aggravated. In addition, realize that the pieces into the image are UNEVEN. At the end of every strand, you’ll need certainly to join a new one. Rag rugs look better if that’s staggered. If you like stripes like my own, arrange your colors to alternate A, B, the, B whenever you lay them level.

Start Braiding
Make the one on far right side and get “under, over, under, over”(UOUO) maneuvering to the remaining.

Maintain using each right-hand strand and going “under, over, under” (UOU). Observe that it's perhaps not a taut braid. Only snug adequate to set flat and hold its shape.

When you get a braid about 1/2 the length of the cloth carpet you want, end.

Making a change

When I went UOU thereupon grey strip, we turned the whole braid to aim far from me personally. Then I pull that grey man around and tucked him within the side of the first braid.

Until such time you get all strips switched, the “right” hand strip are going to be towards the top. Find the top man (azure, here), weave UOUO. Pull that last tucked friend of his (gray, right here) you need to include him in the current UOU.* Then tuck him however braid.

According to your material, your carpet might not like to lay level in the event that you turn too quickly. May very well not reach tuck EACH strand in to the original braid. Sometimes it's likely you have to miss tucking a few to help you turn the part efficiently. If that's the case, just stop at the * into the paragraph above and lay him straight down beside the main braid.

Once you’ve make the change, work your way back into the beginning knot following same design as you familiar with make the original braid, tucking the end through every time. (if you like the stripes, tuck it in its OWN shade.)

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