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Square Persian Rugs

The Persian rug may be the quintessential Oriental carpet, famed for its intricacy, knot-density and symbolism. Our Persians are typical hand-knotted using a tremendously good wool from dhumba sheep colored with commercially-produced dyes.

Persian rugs are recognized for their particular step-by-step flowery styles, sometimes with an obvious center medallion and quite often with a repeating all-over structure. Because they are therefore complex they tend to own an increased knot count. It’s quite like photography: if you have a very detailed image, you'll need even more dots per square inches showing the information. So, with an extremely complex structure on a rug, you need most knots per square inches showing the style.

Persians may also be known
for his or her diverse shade pallet

Persians may recognized for their diverse shade pallet. The number of colors in each rug ranges from 15 to 25, providing consumers huge flexibility regarding design and decoration. Generally known Persian styles include Kashan, Kerman, Isfhan and Tabriz.

The name “Persian” sometimes confuses individuals as our rugs manufactured in Pakistan, perhaps not Iran over which ancient Persia ended up being focused. The explanation for it is that whenever the Moghul empire relocated through Asian subcontinent, individuals moved from Persia through the region taking their styles and practices using them. The descendants of the artisans are the ones in Pakistan these days.

  • Knot matter: more than 500 knots per square inches with niche pieces including 800-1250 knots per square inches
  • Colors: 15-25 considering complex and floral designs
  • Structure: 100% wool on a cotton warp and weft. Some pieces should be crafted with lots of silk knots. This will be mentioned from the cost as a lot of money of silk prices considerably more compared to price of wool
  • Type of knot: Senna
  • Average-life: 125-200 years as a result of large knot count
  • Manufacturing: A 9’x12′ carpet could possibly be finished in 12–14 months by four to five skilled artisans working five to six hours every day. Specialty pieces with higher knot matters would make the exact same artisans up to 1 . 5 years to perform

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