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Making of shirt

We wanted to begin to see the hidden world behind garments sold inside nation, therefore we made a decision to make a T-shirt. We wanted to make an ordinary clothing just like the majority of the t-shirts sold in this nation — perhaps not natural cotton, maybe not hand-sewn in america.

(Thanks once again to any or all just who ordered a clothing. Really. Amazing. We couldn’t did it without you!)

The Reason Why A Squirrel?

The style regarding top, a squirrel hoisting a martini cup, is an artistic pun: a reference to the expression “animal spirits” made famous because of the economist John Maynard Keynes.

As Planet Money’s David Kestenbaum place it recently: “Keynes’ concept ended up being that there’s even more to the areas than simply numbers; there are people and emotions making decisions. And also to the degree that individuals have found the personal element in the dry subject of economics, it's really perfect for us.”

10 Reporters, 3 Continents, 1 Archipelago

We flew drones over Mississippi. We got mugged in Chittagong, Bangladesh. We found individuals whom we’ll remember — the specific people who make our clothes. At each place we'd radio reporters and videographers.

Even More T-Shirt Stories!

Good news: we even more T-shirt tales than we could fit on this web site.

Just A Little Help From Our Friends

Adam Davidson, globe Money co-founder, came up with the thought of carrying this out task in the first place a lot more than 36 months ago.

We had been impressed loads by a novel: . Indeed, we hired mcdougal, Pietra Rivoli, to-be an adviser on the project. She’s a professor on McDonough class of company at Georgetown University.

Bawen, Indonesia: Jess Jiang faces the classic producer’s problem: One machine informs a story. A thousand create a racket.

After several years when trying and failing continually to make a T-shirt from scratch, we eventually discovered some help from Jockey Corp. Marion Smith, the director of worldwide sourcing for Jockey, ended up being diligent with us in the phone. (T-shirts are knitted, maybe not woven. They’re created from a thing that seems like thread but is called yarn.) Eventually, Jockey agreed to sell united states tees — and, much more essential, to let us proceed with the development of those tops.

The Planet Money T-shirts are made of material that Jockey’s textile professionals created. They’re centered on a design structure Jockey makes use of because of its very own T-shirt range. Jockey introduced us to its vendors in Bangladesh and Colombia, and people suppliers consented to construct our t-shirts. And Jockey developers helped us choose the colors for the shirts.



PROJECT ADVISER: Pietra Rivoli/McDonough School of Company, Georgetown University

HANDLING MANUFACTURERS: Kainaz Amaria, Brian Boyer and Joshua Davis

PLANET CASH: Quoctrung Bui, Zoe Chace, Jacob Goldstein, Jess Jiang, Caitlin Kenney, David Kestenbaum, Marianne McCune and Robert Smith


MULTIMEDIA MANUFACTURERS: Kainaz Amaria, Joshua Davis, and Claire O'Neill

PHOTOGRAPHY AND MOVIE: Kainaz Amaria, Nacho Corbella, Joshua Davis, David Gilkey, Eric Helton, James Jensen, Soren Jensen, Katie Hayes Luke and David Nevala

DESIGN AND DEVELOPING: Jeremy Bowers, Danny DeBelius, Alyson Hurt and Wes Lindamood (Origin signal on GitHub)

BLOGGER: Jacob Goldstein

COPY EDITING: Janey Adams, Stephanie Federico, Avie Schneider and Susan Vavrick

EXTRA PRODUCTION: Phia Bennin, Anirvan Ghosh, Frank Hernandez, Seth Maxon, Melissa Melvin-Rodriguez, Molly Messick, Eileen Mignoni, Urmila Ramakrishnan, Tiffany Salone and Alejandra Vengoechea

MOVEMENT GRAPHICS: Suzanne Batmanghelichi and Adam Cole


LEGAL: Ashley Messenger and Brian Rideout


ARCHIVAL MOVIE: AP Archive, U.S. Department of Agriculture (via

“The Journey, ” “Goldengrove v2, ” “Wallflower” (Keith Kenniff/Unseen songs)
“Fire Ignorance, ” “Anthem” (Tyler Strickland)
“Club Coolada” (Ointment Dream/Crash Symbols)
“Shade of Music” (Elias Music Library/Getty songs Library)
“B&G’s” (Bela R. Balogh and Gabe Leavitt/3 Leg Torso)

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