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How to make a Shirt?

Two weeks ago, I tie-dyed t-shirts with my child as a day time-killer. We had lots of fun carrying it out as it ended up being simple (no seriously — it really was) in addition to tops arrived great! We were holding not the mediocre, faded Rit dye particular shirts I made in highschool and college. These arrived on the scene with bright, concentrated colors and there weren’t any huge swaths of un-dyed fabric. I thought I’d share the thing I discovered tie-dying with you all.

Step one: Gather your products

First off, you’ll must gather your products. You can purchase specific dyes, elastic bands, and gloves or you can purchase a kit and also have all of that work done available. I’m sluggish, thus I opted for the kit. I got this one at JoAnn’s with a 40% off voucher, so it was about $6. You may also get them on the web at Amazon in many shade combinations. I’m planning to explain to you how to use this system inside guide, if you go for an alternate collection of materials, stick to the guidelines for all those dyes.

This kit stated so it dyed “up to 8 shirts” but we only had adequate dye for six t-shirts — one adult size and 5 child sized. I'd to actually extend getting that 6th shirt dyed also, so I probably shouldn’t actually count it inside total.

Besides the products when you look at the system (pictured above), you'll also need garbage bags to pay for work area and ziplock bags to keep your tops in while the dye creates. Additionally, you will need some thing to color, obviously.

Step two: Fold your top

I’m planning begin showing you how doing a spiral structure for the reason that it’s many remarkable and fun structure to make.

First, put your clothing out level. Your shirt should always be cleaned to eliminate any size if it’s brand-new. It must be some moist whenever you fold it and include the dyes.

After that, squeeze the shirt somewhere in the middle and begin turning the material around. Hold twisting through to the entire clothing has been turned into a disk. While you get, make little modifications here and there and that means you have many folds and pleats inside textile. This reveals even more material towards dyes and can alllow for an even more interesting design.

You should end up getting a set, twisty disk, such as the one overhead. It should look similar to a hurricane.

Next, carefully wrap elastic bands around the shirt. Put the rubber bands on so that they intersect over the center of disk (or even the “eye for the hurricane”). You should utilize at the very least three bands, that'll divide the disc up into 6 portions. We used six bands on this one as this ended up being an adult sized clothing and it felt a little floppy with only three.

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