Carpets Installation


All Hibernia Wool rugs are put through several assessments within the production and shipping procedure. Final inspection associated with the carpet is the duty associated with the set up specialist. Claims for carpeting put in with visible problems won't be considered by the product manufacturer.


Hibernia Wool Carpeting is set in line with the installation and seaming drawing designed by the retailer/contractor. Severe care should always be taken up to get rid of seams in the carpeting whenever we can. The installation drawing should direct all seams in direction of the light source (sliding doors or windows) as much as possible. All carpet should be installed aided by the nap or face yarn in the same path. Hibernia wool carpeting is marked regarding backing to simply help figure out pile course.


All Hibernia Wool rugs have actually factory sides to avoid harm during shipping. Some Hibernia carpets must certanly be line cut to get rid of the factory side. Other Hibernia carpets having adequate surface pile is right back cut. All cut edges must certanly be sealed on both sides for the seam with Roberts seam sealer or a comparable item. Severe treatment must certanly be taken to insure that the seam sealer glue doesn't get in touch with the carpet face yarn. Failure to secure the seam edges will result in yarn reduction and poor seam high quality.

Utilization of reasonably limited quality hot melt seaming tape is preferred. With low profile carpeting an unique seam tape should be utilized. The seaming iron need a suitable heat guard additionally the metal heat setting should be set at a medium temperature degree. The Iron should be relocated at a speed which will completely melt the hot melt adhesive. The seam should-be made over a strong surface together with iron must certanly be run-in equivalent path given that face pile regarding the carpeting, never ever up against the pile.

Whenever pressing the carpet into the hot melt glue, use a tractor or skate to insure proper bonding. Overheating the seaming tape so as to speed-up seaming can harm the wool face fiber plus the backing. This may cause distortion on seam and stain to your carpeting. A weighted bit of wood with holes must be familiar with load the seam instead of utilizing a metal toolbox tray, that could retain heat. Also soil and rust form the bottom of the tray will discolor the facial skin of carpeting.


The facial skin of the seam areas ought to be completely cool ahead of the carpet is energy stretched. Premium tackless strip needs to be securely fastened towards flooring using the pins pointing into wall surface. The gully space involving the wall surface in addition to tackless strip should not meet or exceed 3/8". The carpeting is extended approximately 1-1/2% long (1-1/2 foot in 100 legs) and a snug easily fit in the circumference is advised. A power stretcher is employed. For a few Hibernia carpets with a decreased profile or a minimal heap level, a cotton head attachment on stretcher is required. Sufficient stretch is not obtained making use of a mini-stretcher (choose stretcher accessory) or a knee kicker. Again, with low profile and pile level rugs, a cotton mind attachment is needed. The carpet must certanly be protected and tight against all wall space for conclusion of stretch kind set up.


Hibernia Woolen Mills does not recommend nor can it justify Hibernia Wool Carpet glued right to the ground.


Hibernia rugs is set up with the dual glue set up process. Follow the certain directions associated with double glue cushioning and adhesive producers. Extreme care is used in combination with the keeping carpeting in to the adhesive making it possible for appropriate glue tack. For appropriate seaming for dual stick installation follow the same processes as stretch-in approach to installation.


Hibernia Woolen Mills advises the use of new carpet cushioning for all installments. All carpet cushioning must meet certain thickness aspects.

Samples of correct padding:

  • 40 ounce artificial fiber padding (undyed)
  • minimum 8 pound. thickness, optimum 3/8" depth foam or rebond pad
  • solid sponge plastic pad 1/4" thickness

If the set up has ended radiant heat, flooring cushioning must certanly be approved by the vibrant heating contractor.

Unique note: Some carpeting cushioning will excrete a smell which will dissipate over time. This odor isn't from the carpeting because we triple scour Hibernia Wool Carpet.

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