Handmade Braided Rugs

custom braided rug pictureBrochure Request:
If you wish to get a shade brochure plus information, kindly fill in the Brochure Request Form. In the event that you would just like a sense of price, please call us.

Exactly what are your braided rugs created from?
Our braided rugs are made from brand-new wool fabric.

How tend to be your braided rugs made?
Our rugs tend to be braided with 3 strips of wool fabric and hand-laced into lots of shapes and sizes. See Contents and Construction.

How do I order a custom braided rug?
Start by getting an estimate for the size—either call or e-mail united states. If you're incapable of arrive at our shop to order, please see examples in Custom Braided Rugs. We shall walk you through procedure for choosing colors, style and form when you are prepared order.

What if i've a particular textile or color plan i have to match?
We are able to match most any colors. Sending some textile or wallpaper whenever you request Samples is also better!

Are you able to make an odd-sized braided rug?
Yes, we are able to make any circumference and length you will need.

Can some of the rugs on the website be manufactured bigger?
Whenever we have a similar or comparable shade wool, it could be made larger; but what you may increase the width you will enhance the length. Please e mail us for more information.

How can I maintain my braided carpet?
Change your braided carpet over and around usually; at least one time per year for room-size braided rugs plus often for smaller rugs or rugs in large traffic areas. Clean weekly with a suction cleaner; pull or switch off powerhead/beater bar. Most spills will stay on top for easy cleaning. Various other stains can be removed with mild soap and water or a cleaner recommended for wool, but constantly test for color-fastness. If more thorough cleansing is necessary, consult a specialist carpet cleaner while making certain they even test for color-fastness. For pet tresses or lint we offer large area lint rollers and refills. They pick up dust, animal locks and crumbs on rugs, floors, furniture and fabrics and are convenient for a quick pickup.

Do I need a pad for my braided carpet?
Indeed, unless it really is taking place carpet. The padding keeps tiny rugs from sliding on to the floor. It also helps dining seats to slip back-and-forth without placing stress on the braids. Plus it prevents any sand that might work its way through from scraping the floor. Do not use a pad with materials, as it will cause the carpet to tablet. We offer an excellent thin plastic cushioning which comes in many different sizes (or require odd dimensions rugs).

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