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Make Rosemary and Lavender Carpet PowderIf you have got most carpet or rugs in your house, you understand this 1 of this most effective ways to provide your rooms a pick-me-up is to apply deodorizing carpeting powder if your wanting to vacuum cleaner. I’ve constantly utilized an Arm & Hammer “pet fresh” dust, but a few months ago, We went out and chose to make use of common baking soft drink. Most likely, the carpet dust you buy within shop is approximately 96per cent cooking soft drink, 2per cent synthetic fragrance, and 2percent other things (hydrogen peroxide, liquid, alcohols, etc.). And baking soda by itself is pretty cheap, specially when you buy it in big pots, that I do because it can be employed to countless things throughout the house.

The best thing about making a carpeting dust is you can customize the fragrance each and every time. I’m utilizing dried rosemary and lavender essential oil to aroma mine these days.FotorCreated I’d originally wanted to use dried lavender, but I currently had dried rosemary readily available and performedn’t would you like to wait on an Amazon order. We looove the odor (and taste) of rosemary, and so I made a decision to make use of that due to the fact dominant aroma and throw in a bit of lavender oil aswell. As well as customizing the scent, you are able to regulate how powerful or poor you want it to be by just adjusting the baking-soda-to-scent proportion. As a whole, do-it-yourself carpeting powder isn’t going to have as strong of a scent given that store bought companies, designed to use synthetic fragrance. However the home made variation however smells really nice.

Here’s the things I familiar with make rosemary and lavender carpeting dust:

Make Rosemary and Lavender Carpet Powder(Affiliate backlinks below. Thank-you for promoting my blog!)

  • 1/2 glass cooking soda

And here’s how you do so!

Action no. 1: cut your rosemary up utilizing a food processor. If you don’t have a food processor, simply dice your rosemary using a knife. The finer the rosemary, the greater uniformly you’ll be able to spread out the aroma over your carpeting.

Step # 2: Dump the baking soft drink, rosemary, and five to ten falls of lavender acrylic to the baggie. Seal shut and combine every thing up.

Step #3: Sprinkle the mixture over your carpeting or carpet equally might just about any carpeting powder. Allow it to sit for a quarter-hour or maybe more after which vacuum the room. I allow my mother usage my own, and she loved it!

Make Rosemary and Lavender Carpet Powder Make Rosemary and Lavender Carpet Powder

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