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Carpet edging strip

Gradus provides a wide selection of professional floor trims that offer various approaches to common issues encountered in which various floorcoverings are used together.

Our Ranges

Familiar with join floorcoverings of an equivalent depth.

Allows the nice finishing of bones.

For completing the side of a floorcovering where it finishes or satisfies another floorcovering.

Familiar with repair welded joints having unsuccessful or as a jointing strip for resilient floorcoverings.

Finishes the edge of a carpet where it meets both a stair edging or other floor material.

A variety of ornamental transition profiles designed for joining different floor finishes of the identical level.

For heavy traffic environments.

Included into resilient floorcoverings to avoid water encroaching into dry places.

For joining floorcoverings of the identical level at thresholds.

Always develop a feature joint between different sorts of floor coverings product.

Used to finish subjected edges of a resistant floorcoverings and supply a secure transition toward sub-floor.

Provides a nice and simple means to fix junctions of floor products with different heights e.g. carpeting to resilient floorcovering.

Will act as a construction joint address strip. Provides a neat finish that accommodates the minor motion that develops.

For gathering the level of floorcoverings.

Regularly finish an elevated area particularly tiered sitting.

For neat finishing and protection of sides of a number of floorcoverings.

For joining floorcoverings of the same or a little differing levels.

Typically combined with carpeting, carpet tile, wood laminate & parquet flooring within junction along with other floorcoverings.

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