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Genesis 950 is the better dog stain remover, most useful rug cleaning answer and best green all-purpose cleaner for the whole home. Genesis 950 is an eco-friendly, eco-friendly cleaner that actually works different that standard cleaners. Genesis 950 works together water to-break the bonds of stains through all of them water-soluble. Sold in concentrate kind, Genesis 950 is an exceptionally versatile cleaner. Being a concentrate, Genesis 950 is affordable. A bit goes a considerable ways and you regulate how much you need for the job.

The 1 Gallon size is the preferred for dog spots, carpet cleaning and general cleaning.

General cleaning – kitchen & bathroom counters, tile floors, cupboards, devices, tiny spots

Mix with water at a proportion of just one part Genesis 950 to 7 parts water

Spray stained / dirty area and enable to stay for several minutes

Wipe away stained location

Harsh spots or smells – Pet stains, animal odors, musty carpet, meals spills and spots, counters, devices, showers, tubs, clothing stains, garages, vehicle detailing

Combine with water at a ratio of just one part Genesis 950 to 2 components water

Spray area carefully and allow site for 5 – 10 minutes

Rinse the location thoroughly with clean water

Extreme cleansing – Deep pet spots, pet urine deep in carpet, tangible stains, heavy oil & oil spots

Blend with water at a 50/50 ratio

Thoroughly saturate the stained location

Allow to stay for half an hour to an hour or so (in extreme situations allow to sit for all hours)

Rinse THOROUGHLY with clean water

The greater you utilize Genesis 950, the greater accustomed you can expect to be to how it works, exactly how much is necessary and exactly what it can do. Not only can you be cleaning more effectively, however you will be cleaning much more safely. Genesis 950 is without dangerous chemical compounds that can hurt you, your pets or your loved ones.

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