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Make Braided rugs

​​​​Maidenwood Lodge​

Bed & Breakfast, Retreats & Events

When: Saturday November fifth 1:00-4:30

In which: Maidenwood Lodge instructions

Price: $50, includes materials

In 1975, my husbands Grandmother, Selma, taught us to make braided rugs.
I asked whether We needed any instruction because braiding is not hard, right ?
Well, it's quick and easy but there were some essential skills
had a need to secure an excellent outcome. I wish to pass those skills to you.

Saturday November fifth from 1:00 - 4:30 pm at Maidenwood Lodge

I'll be doing a follow along demonstration of rug construction.
When you can thread a needle, metal fabric and that can make a straight seam with a sewing-machine, you might be asked to participate united states. Pupils under 12 yrs old should be followed by an adult.

The class includes fabric selection abilities, written guidelines and a kit of materials and resources it is important to make an 11 inch round trivet. This will explain to you the steps from beginning to end, and you'll have a completed project to inspire you someday.

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