How to weave a rag rug on a

How to Weave a Rag Rug?

JoEl's treatment for winter bluesThere may be plenty of snow still outdoors but i'm genuine cozy inside weaving away inside my loom. I just completed a series of dining table athletes woven with towels. A buddy of mine gave me a pile of old sheets and a couple yards of material she never ever used. It was the motivation to outfit my loom with a colorful warp and spend the time weaving. The view outside had been dreary but my rainbow of towels was the most wonderful remedy the winter blues.

After an extended cool winter if you should be like me you may be thinking concerning the arrival of springtime. With springtime comes spring-cleaning. Out because of the old and in using brand new. So I invite that raid your closets in order to find your old tees, mismatched bed linens along with your well-worn flannel shirts. Learn to change these old discards into brand new cloth table athletes or rag rugs for the floor.

colorful rag runner woven with quilt material scrapsPack all this material in your suitcase or in your car and visited the Folk class May 31 to Summer 6 for the “Woven Rag Rugs and Runners” class. The weather is excellent that point of year plus the camaraderie among fellow pupils is wonderful as everybody is so excited winter season is finished and now we all may come away and play.

During my course you will learn all about how to prepare rags, set-up your loom and weave with rags. Never woven on a floor loom…no problem… my simple to follow technique could have you weaving quickly. Haven’t woven in years…no problem…it’s like operating a bicycle while you truly remember. With a few quick demonstrations you will be to weaving once more. Intermediate weavers interested in a challenge…no problem…i shall assist you in creating block weave styles and weaving durable double-sided rag rugs and runners.

Rag rug weaving could be the ultimate recycling task. You've got the opportunity to repurpose your material scraps into amazing woven rugs and athletes. Quilters love this as they are constantly interested in new methods to consume each of their heaps of textile. Inside class additionally learn how to over dye material that will be a powerful way to restore faded sheets and old tablecloths.

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